Loubna's arabic side


  • I guess, I inherited this side from my father.
  • My Name is also classical arabic. But it is not quit clear what its meaning is. I like the following interpretations most:
  • the "good inside"
    (I try hart, but I guess, I don't succeed always.)
  • and the "Lioness" (*grin*).
  • In my youth I spent some years in the home country of my father, from where the following pictures (1 2 3 4) are.
  • If you want to know more about Iraq (and you can understand german), I can recommend the special: Die Geschichte des Irak "von Babylon bis Bagdad - Glanz und Elend des Zweistromlandes" of the magazine Stern.
  • Wenn du etwas besser in Deutsch bist, ...

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